Soc&kom’s audiovisual studio can be used to record podcasts among many other things, such as creating digital learning material or recording presentations for lectures or conferences. The studio can also be used for recording research-related content or conducting interviews with informants.

The Swedish School of Social Science emphasizes offering their students and personnel high-quality digital solutions for information and teaching-purposes. The faculty is hence a proud investor in effective and flexible digital technology.

If you want to create content for the faculty’s official channel Studio Soc&kom, please contact the Chair of the Board for Community Contacts, Jenny Stenberg-Sirén Jenny’s and the rest of the production team’s contact information can be found on Flamma.

The generous contributions from Konstsamfundet and University of Helsinki have enabled the modernization of Soc&kom’s audiovisual studio.

Read more on Flamma.


Our studio uses the following technology: